Week Three & The Reverse Sweep

So that went exactly how you thought it was going to go, huh? Well look, I’m not going to hide behind excuses like it being a holiday week, that I didn’t actually get to watch one round of golf, or that the second round was delayed for four hours on Friday (due to 30mph winds), suspended for darkness, and picked up on Saturday after all of my guys were already off the course. I won’t do it. Continue reading “Week Three & The Reverse Sweep”


All in all a great opening day for the biggest week of the year. Some low numbers and ideal weather with warm temperatures and minimal breeze to challenge the field. The Masters App is top notch and the American workforce lost some serious man-hours today….. well done folks. General sentiment is encouraging, we’ve got a stacked leaderboard and most importantly Tiger is giving us hope. Let’s start there.

Tiger looked smooth – really smooth. Drove the ball like a beast and his iron play continues to impress. He needs the putter to heat up to keep pace. If the conditions change and the course toughens up, I think his odds improve. But he needs to dial in the Scotty – we all need him to dial in the Scotty. Please Tiger – give the world what it deserves.

Vomit Levels:

  • Speith (gag)
  • Hideki + Rose (mouth throw up)
  • Paul Casey (puke – ebola level puke)

Random Thoughts:

  • Mike Weir shot even – so everybody can fuck off with those takes (he will shoot +8 tomorrow)
  • Kisner continues to play well, and would be a revered champion
  • Langer is a monster
  • Bet on Freddy next year to be Top 5
  • How did Jimmy Walker qualify for this tournament?

Am Jam:

The amateurs held their own out there today for the most part.  Hovland is legit – he looked in control throughout the entire round. A bogey at 18 will leave him feeling slighted, but both the near and long term appear bright for the young Norwegian. Being the teammate of Matt Wolff has its pro’s and cons:

Pro: You form one of the most dominant teams in college golf history.

Con: You are the reigning US Amateur Champion – yet somehow playing second fiddle on your own team.

From an outsider’s perspective it appears as though Hovland is embracing his unique position. Playing alongside the other top am in the world likely fuels him every single day, and he will someday be a household name in his own right. Have a day tomorrow Viktor, I think we’ll be seeing you Sunday night in Butler Cabin.


Let’s be very clear with one another. This is not Chuck Hoffman posting a 5 under on Thursday, and Brooks has me scared.

He is the story after 18 holes of play, make no mistake about it. You look at the leaderboard right now – and no doubt it is pure class. Studs left and right – absolute quality.

But take a look at that leaderboard and ask yourself this – how many of those guys can shoot two more rounds of 4,5, maybe 6 under? Brooks is the obvious choice. I believe DJ is the other.

Yes they are all incredible golfers, but for the sake of the tournament I hope this does not become a runaway. If he posts another 4 under tomorrow we have problems. If that’s the case – we might only have 1 hope over the weekend.



I know Bryson is -6 and tied for the lead. But I don’t trust Bryson at Augusta yet, I think he wants this tournament too badly and if it came down to crunchtime (or tomorrow for that matter) we might be staring at a nuclear implosion. I hope that doesn’t happen for Bryson’s sake, I do not believe he would handle it well.


2018 Masters Rewind

Honestly, I hated The Masters. We absolutely got cheated. On Sunday Tiger was off the course before the CBS coverage kicked off. Then Rory shanked his first shot of the day –  straight into the trees, so much for that Ryder Cup rematch. Nike wouldn’t let Patrick Reed show up in red, Jordan Spieth blew it on 18, and Rickie ran out of time. This. Masters. Sucked.

All right, fine, for the sake of transparency, I lost money this weekend. Your boy got in over his head, and tried to bail out by picking Rory as the winner, and JT to best Spieth.  I swear his putter looked shaky on Saturday. That was dumb, really dumb.

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