March 13th, 2018 – We ARE NOT the storm

Today is March 13th (7 days from the official start of spring). I write this blog from my apartment, locked indoors for another work day due to a late winter Nor’Easter. While skiers rejoice, this storm represents what may be my breaking point.

We are just a few days removed from watching Tiger captivate the sports world at the Valspar Championship, and while technically my course is still one week away from opening here in Boston – that seems like a pipe dream at this point.

Last Thursday, baystate golfers came to accept what they anticipated to be the last storm of the season. We were wrong – very wrong. 18 inches have already accumulated today, with 24 anticipated when all is said and done.

All we can hope for now is mother nature cranking up the heat over the next few weeks with some rain scattered in between. Whatever it takes to get this blanket of white to disappear until next December, I’m all for it.

Forty-Eight hours ago the golf season felt so close – Tiger was in contention, the remnants of last Thursday’s storm were fading, and opening day was creeping up. After today’s events we are seemingly back at square one.

My parting thoughts are this: we are all in a dark place right now – this is not fun for the local golfing community. STAY UP, STAY JUICED – we have Bay Hill this week, Tiger mania is sweeping the globe, and we are 23 days away from opening round coverage at Augusta.

Check your mirrors people – spring is closer than it may appear.

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